You spread the word to some people, but do expect a good return. You spread to 10 people only and the next day the office phone hope you continue to have money for you and when there is no money for you, you say this is silly and deceptive project. You are doing a BIG mistake. You do not work hard, this is not gambling, tail number, bet RM1 night to see the results.!! This is the cause of why this project was accused of cheating and so forth. andalah attitude that cheating is actually yourself. If your business is little or no work on how to get good returns. FAILED if you blame this project, you should blame yourself fall prey to the whispers of Satan who is membisikan suggestions so that you become lazy and not working for the devil to know if you successfully run this project then your life is more stable and complete. Stu the very ones who fear for people who live in more stable conditions will be difficult to make mistakes than people who live in financial difficulties is very easy to provoke the devil to make mistakes like borrowing along, accept bribes, deceit MONEY parents, etc …. .


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